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So, those rumors? Found out who started them. Now that I know I'm not even worried about it anymore because this bitch is going down. She doesn't realize that I have people that have my back & won't tolerate her acting like a sixth grader.

What pisses me off about everything though is that she lied about my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD saying shit about me behind my back!! Apparently she didn't want me to hear this since she didn't have the balls to say it on a day that I was actually AT school. She tried to say that my best friend was saying that I was "a hypocritical bitch and that she's not stupid and that she knows I do drugs and she knows that all I do is talk about doing them". Okay, kinda funny because Autumn and everyone else that I talk to KNOWS I don't do drugs. & if she had a problem or any kind of doubt that I was hiding something from her then she would SAY SOMETHING TO ME.

Anyway, fuck her. She's stupid and she better watch the hell out. Autumn & I will be on her like bats out of hell if she doesn't shut up.

I heard a live version of MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday and it is really good.

I keep trying to say something but I don't even know what to say I'm so pissed so bye.
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This weekend has been the best. Friday night hanging out with Autumn, Saturday hanging with Ellen, Lauren, Waynick, & Elliot, and today Autumn & I went to see Brokeback Mountain.

It was so good. It made me cry at the end and I really liked it. Everyone should go see it.

I have homework to do and my stomach hurts really bad.
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Guess what.

Tomorrow I have :

- A biology test
- A German test
- A vocabulary test

Have I studied a single thing yet?


& it's 10:18. & Will & Grace comes on at 11.

I need to stop the procrastination.
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howdy guys.

my day was pretty cool yesterday. Lindsay came over around 9 and we hung out the whole day watching movies and whatnot. then my favorite aunt and uncle came over to open some Christmas presents and that was really fun. I got $50 and an amazing blanket that my aunt sewed for me. It's purple checkered and is soooooo fuzzy and soft. It's my favorite.

I'll post a picture of it when I get the chance.

I'm about to go shopping for the following:


If you're not in that list then too late. My shopping will be done for everyone when I return. :)
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Quick update on things:

I spent last night at Autumn's. We danced to Crazytown and old school crap.
My dad is still in the hospital.
I'm still not supposed to be on the computer.
I bought glitter turquoise eyeliner today and it rocks.
Pictures soon.
FOB concert = 3 days.
I'm hungry.

Josh gives great hugs.
& so does Mason & Jake.

The PSAT sucked. I fell asleep during 4th period today during a movie we had a quiz on.
I need to go wash clothes.
& do the dishes.

I'm tired.

Picture of me talking on the phone with my new turquoise eyeliner.Collapse )
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I need to update.
But I don't really feel like it.
& I don't know what to update about . . .
So I'm gonna go eat some cake.

& by the way,

Everyone should join the community that ___rawrbitch and I made.
scene_muffinz__ & make like Taking Back Sunday and "Tell All Your Friends".
Got it?

Don't join it if you support the scene.
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